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Jake D.  

9 MT Offers, Career Coach since 2016

​• I FAILED my public exam and got into an associate degree program. After 1 year of study, I made it to an Accountancy Bachelor Degree program.

• Despite the previous hard work, I did not graduate with flyer colors. I graduated with a CGPA of 3.05, the bare minimum to get 2nd Upper Class. I applied to over 100 companies upon graduation.

• With repeated practice and extensive research, my assessment and interview skills earned me 9 MT & Graduate offers in the end! I have been dedicated to help juniors and students to find their ideal career since then!

Founder’s Background:
• Transaction Banking Product Structurer
• Former Chinese Bank Coverage Banker
​• Former Global Bank Management Associate (Transformation)
​• Former Listed Real Estate Developer Management Trainee

Assistant Coaches & Career Specialists

Career Coach

‍‍Career Consultant

• I am a graduate with Upper Second Class Honours, I am an art major student from one of the big 3 universities. During my undergraduate years, I gained career exposure to world-leading art and luxury businesses, and I have never taken any real estate-related courses.

• However, I ended up working as a trainee in one of the region's leading property developers

• Therefore, believe in yourself and nothing is impossible; interviews are all about marketing your skills, experience, personality, and passions to the interviewer.

Career Coach

Corporate Banker

• I currently work at a US bulge-bracket bank as a Corporate Banker.

• I am a non-quant business major student from a non-big 3 university who graduated with First Class honors

• With hard work and well polished soft skills, I completed various internships at international firms and bulge-bracket banks

• It is not easy to start your desired career path in such a competitive world, and I know exactly how to make you stand out from the crowd!

Career Coach

Tech Consultant

• I graduated from Computer Science and am currently working as a Tech Consultant at Big4.

• I will provide you with the best and most in-touch industry news as most companies are tabbing into the tech field in recent years.

• My analytical skills and training will give you an edge in completing your aptitude tests and assessments!

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